Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Moving right along

So today we met with our loan officer and we qualify for more than we are looking at spending on a house. Always good news. We discuss my working and the difficulty I have had in finding a job. I really am to a point that just any job at any pay I would take. Our LO is very well connected and is president of several network groups and offered to make some introductions to people that she knows. All and all a great meeting today.

While we where there I got a call for a temp job with a builder for Thursday and Friday. I then got a call back from the LO and she told me not to settle on a job. She had a idea that she would like me to commit 3 months to and would like to further discuss it with me and introduce me to a couple people that could work with us.

You see our LO is my ex sister in law. I have stayed close to her over the years and after my divorce from her bother. She and use to work together in Houston and she knew me in my "prime" of my real estate career. She hates hearing me want to settle for a receptionist job and knows I am better than that. After meeting with us her brain was going a million miles an hour and she wants to meet me again to discuss a business proposition. So next week I will hear her master plan. I am excited and it does feel good having someone who knows me for so long to have faith in me.

So that is the next puzzle in our picture. Now just to twist it and see how it fits in.

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