Monday, December 6, 2010

Crafty Wreaths

Hi Ya'll! So I took a week hiatus cause I was busy finishing all our Decorations of the house for Christmas. Starting this week we get in to madness of house guest and holiday parties so I wanted to be ready. I have been working on our wreaths and am very excited cause I have made 3 for this year! I know I am nuts with all the decorations but I just love decorating for this time of year.

So this one I actually made after Christmas last year. It is the ornament wreath you have seen everywhere that you just string ornaments on a wire hanger. I would suggest using shatterproof ornaments which I did not. This hangs on a wall since I did not want it to break on the front door with the wind.

This year I made a Coffee filter wreath like every other blogger out there. I lurve it and I made mine a little different cause I used a different wreath form for it. 

I took pearl head push pin and took 5-10 folded filters and made a fan with them. They are really fluffy and will cover alot of area this way.

See instead of a foam wreath form my dollar store sells these wooden type ones. The wood is soft enough that the pearl head needle will go thru it.

After I filled the wreath I added some bling. All the little crystals were used in my bridal bouquet.

Some extra white and silver swirls I stole of the tree....

A couple picks with red in the for some pop...

Dollar store ribbon

Rolled over itself as much as it can go...

Stabbed with a tack in the middle....

And the loops pulled out back and forth till it was how I liked it. 

TADA!!!! On the front door. I just use one of those Command hooks stuck to the glass.

A close up. I think she looks pretty good!! 

Then I needed a wreath for my kitchen. My Kitchen tree has candy, and gingerbread cookies, and cookie cutter type ornaments and so I wanted something to go with it. I saw this wreath on Be Different, Act Normal and there was not credit to how originally made it. But it was a CUTE mashmellow and candy wreath.

So I winged it.

3 bags of marshmellows
2 boxes of Dots
Again a dollar store wreath form
Dollar store ribbon 
Low temp Glue Gun and LOTS of glue sticks

Just start gluing the marshmellows on. At first I tried lining them all up and having them be facing just so, but as I got going I stopped ripping the marshmellows apart and started gluing them how they were stuck to one and other and I really liked how that looked.

After I covered the form with marshmellows I just started filling in little cervices with Dots. You can use any candy you want this was just what I found at the dollar store. After you finish you can spray it with clear coat so it will "keep" and you can use it again. 

But here she is on my pantry door. I really like it and it adds what I needed to that side of the kitchen. 

Each wreath I spend less that $5 on by getting everything on sale or at the dollar store!

Thanks for stopping by I will be posting more decorations this week!


Sunday, December 5, 2010

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