100 Things about me

1. I am the oldest of 3 girls.
2. Until getting married we all had the same initials JDB Jennifer Denise, Jessica Diane and Jaclyn Danielle
3. I got my first tattoo as a 18th birthday present from my dad.
4. The second one followed two weeks later.
5. I suck at sports. I will duck, freak out, or get hit if there is a ball coming at me.
6.I married a guy that was a bet. It did not work out after 8 years. I guess I lost even thou I was declared the
7. I met my current and finally hubby in match.com. Yes those sites can work!
8. I love HGTV and the food channel.
9. I plan roadtrips around where I was eat at after seeing it on food channel and the travel channel.
10.I have decorated with mostly the same color palette since I was 19.
11.My husband works for Blue Bell Creameries yet I rarely have it in the freezer.
12. I can not wait to be a mom. In due time...
13. My favorite color is blues.
14. I hate pro football but love college ball- It is not all about the endorsements and contracts yet.
15. I lurve sweet tea.
16. I am a summer girl. I like texas 100+ degree summers
17. I just recently stopped biting my nails.
18. I own close to 50 pairs of flip flops.
19. I love being on the water- lakes, toobing, the beach I will take it all
20. I want to be a better Christian.
21. I love tx country and red dirt music.
22. I love going to see bands outdoors.
23. I have a strawberry shaped birthmark in the crook of my right arm. I have 2 relatives that have the same
24. I have lived in Texas my whole life.
25. I will probly never move out of Texas...
26. I married my husband on July 4th.
27. I love having a holiday for our anniversary that has fireworks.
28. I collect fortune cookie fortunes. They are in every purse, wallet, box of keepsakes I have.
29. I lost my childhood Christmas stocking in a move during my divorce along with my diploma and letter
      jacket. I am still upset about this.
30. I want to be a REALLY good cook when I grow up.
31. When I am cooking I like to pretend I am on a cooking show while talking to myself.
32. For our honeymoon hubs got us tickets to swim with the dolphins at Atlantis in the Bahamas
33. I got sick on our honeymoon and we thought it was morning sickness for a 9 month bug if you know what
      I mean.
34. Turn out it was from coming up to fast while Scuba diving and getting the bends. That and way to rich of
35. I picked out my own engagement ring. And then had remorse within a week but was afraid to tell the
      hubs. Normally I take longer to pick out a purse than I did to pick the ring!
36. I have been a bartender on and off for 12 years.
37. I was a realtor for 4 years.
38. I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up..
39. I would love to visit Ireland.
40. I love pretty stationary and notecards.
41. I really want to run a 5k or Marathon in 2010.
42. I want to get in better shape than I am but I really like food.
43. I watch way to much tv.
44. I hold a real estate license (inactive), at TABC license, Notary Republic license and food handler license.
45. I know how to crochet but want to get better.
46. Peter Pan is my favorite Disney movie.
47. When I was little I wanted to be a lawyer.
48. I hate snakes and frogs, I will SCREAM if one is near me.
49. I dislike mean people.
50.My favorite beer is Bud Light.
51. I love my husband.
52. I hate driving in the rain.
53. When I was sixteen I was in a wreck and received 3 tickets within a week.
54. I got into a wreck 4 days after my wedding last summer.
55. My parents pet names are Jimmy and James after some old cooks they worked with 30 years ago.
56. I have a fancy phone but don't know how to download ring tones.
57. Does not matter cause I keep my phone on vibrate all the time.
58. I love being lazy.
59. I hate sweeping.
60. When I was single I had a maid just so I did not have to sweep.
61. I have way to much clothes in my closet yet I can't bear to get rid of anything cause I may need it.
62. I dislike beets.
63. I love the name Sarah for a girl.
64. I have never picked out names for a boy baby.
65. I want to travel more.
66. But I also want to save much more.
67. I hope we buy a house at the end of the year.
68. I love to read, I need to find some new books to read.
69. I hate to be cold.
70. I am true to being a leo I can really get hot headed!
71. I miss my gramma and grampa.
72. I really wish they could see where I am now.
73. I get teary eyed over everything.
74. I am addicted to facebook and need a 12 step program.
75. I read blogs all night long.
76. I have fought with insomnia my whole adult life.
77. If anything is bothering me I will not sleep.
78. I also talk in my sleep.
79. So does my husband.
80. I love mexican food.
81. I love paisleys and plaids.
82. I am ready to go camping this spring.
83. I am ready for spring and summer. period!
84. I love peoples accents
85. I love pinot grigo
86. I like coffee with alot of cream preferably flavored
87. I have to hit the alarm several times before I really wake up.
88. I dye my hair brown every winter and Blonde every spring.
89. I Have had x-rays on most of my body. I when thru a phase that something broke every two years.
90. Now I my breaks are more emotional and spiritual.
91. I have a she crush in Jessica Simpson and I don't care what you think. ;oP
92. Ryan Reynolds is on my hot tub list.
93. I am 5'6" and hate it. I wanna either be petite or tall. I am too in the middle.
94. If it would not drive the hubby crazy I would probly move all our furniture around. Repeatedly.
95. This getting hard.
96. I don't ever think anyone not related to me will ever find what I say interesting.
97. My first crush was name JJ Stufgut. His cousin told him and I was mortified
98, I never let anyone know my crushes after that.
99. I was a bad dater. How I ever got married twice is a mystery.
100. I am so glad I am married and doing have to date.