Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sarah Bethany Birthday

As promised Sarah's birth story. I am sharing all the details and am pretty graphic. This is for my own memory later so just know you have been warned ;)

 Monday night March 19th I went in for my induction due to having high blood pressure. As a back story I am not a fan of "social inductions" inductions cause you are tired of being pregnant, cause you want to pick the birth day etc. I was very disappointed to have to be inducted as I wanted to have a natural childbirth and was very vocal about still wanting as natural as possible. I wanted Sarah safe first and for most but I did not want to push things to fast adding drugs that could cause me to have to have a c-section.

Oh lordy! 38weeks6days as we checked into the hospital

We got there at 8 pm and got settled and hooked up to the monitors and they checked me and I was 3cm and 60% effaced. The nurse said my cervix was lower than she would have guessed and said everything is there for a successful induction in her opinion. @ 9:30pm they inserted the cervadil and I laid there still till 11:30. At 11 the nurse brought me an Ambien so I could sleep and get some rest before the next morning and be rested. Little did we know how the next several hours would go.

 At 1:30am I woke and needed to go to the bathroom a normal routine in the middle of the night, but I could barely get up and P had to help me to the bathroom cause I had the shakes so bad. We thought I was having an allergic reaction to either the Cervadil or Ambien my tongue felt swollen and I kept biting it while trying to talk to him and the nurse. I got back in bed and back to sleep till just before 3am.

P was sleeping so I called the nurse to help me to the bathroom which woke P up. I was trying to be nice and let him sleep but I think he was on edge. I got up to go to the bathroom and could tell I was going to get sick so I asked for a barf bag (I had been getting sick @ 3am several times a week for the last 2 weeks from heart burn so we were not surprised) I filled up 2 bags and had diarrhea- sorry for the TMI but it does not get better from here. I got back in bed after cleaning up and while the nurse was rehooking up my monitors I asked her if she was a betting woman, when did she think that I would deliver and she thought before lunch probly before 10am. She left the room and me and P turned off the lights and tried to settle into sleep.

 Not 2 minutes later I felt a pop high in my stomach and told P I thought my water broke. He said huh and then he could hear the pop and the gush. I called the nurse back in and she came and checked and sure enough my water broke so the took the cervidal out and I was 4 cm. The nurse also said that the sac of fluid was still on her head. I had P call our Doula -she had offered to come earlier but I told her there was no point to her coming and watching me sleep. The nurse hooked up my IV since I was GBS+ and very quickly my contractions got pretty intense.

It was not what they told us in class of you feel it starting and then peak and rolling back down. I felt it go down and right back at the peak every 2 mins. My doula, Amy got the right at 3:45 cause of a storm and my Dr had called and said for them to put a catheter in and I did not want one and no one could tell me why the Dr ordered it. So I asked to go to the bathroom again and P and Amy helped me in there where I begain having contraction one on top of the other the only relief I could get was to roll my hips like I was hula hooping on the toliet. At this point I had no clue how far along I was and thou I wanted to not have any painkillers I told them if it gets much worst I am going to have to have something to take the edge off. I was thinking I would have hours left to go. We got me back to the bed and they told me my Dr was on the way in and that she wanted to check the tapes on baby to see if I needed the catheter. My Dr got there at 4:02 and she checked me and really calmly said I was complete!

 Everyone in the room started to run around. I asked to go to the bathroom again and they told it was the pressure of the baby. I told them um no I really have to go everyone said that is the baby but it is ok just go. When I did go whatever was left of the sac and in my bowels went every where it felt like and I started grunting which all the nurses and Amy said the baby is coming. They put oxygen on me and everyone was running around frantic to get the table set up with the tools since no one knew I was already to go. I laid there and grunted and started pushing with every contraction and after a couple my Dr got at the end of me and said I needed to grab behind my knees and push that she was crowning.

 With 3 pushes her head was out which I was ready to take a break but P was telling me to push cause my Dr was pulling her head and he was afraid it would come off, and 2 more the rest of her. The most surreal feeling in the world!! they set her on me while I delivered the afterbirth and I did have a 2nd degree tear so I needed to get stitched up. The storms Monday night where in full force and while my Dr. was stitching me up the lights went out several times. I joked that I am sure she is good and can do this with her eyes closed could she wait for the lights to come back on to not have to prove how good she is. Then there was some confusion as to how many supplies they brought in the room so they had to check me and order an X-ray. Just goes to show how fast everything happened.

An hour old

She was born at 4:13am after an hour and 13 mins from my water breaking. Apparently it is called a precipitous delivery and is not that common for 1st time mothers. Thou not the natural birth I thought I would have to fight for with an induction I could not ask for a better delivery.  Sarah Bethany was 6lbs. 15oz, 19 inches long and we think she is pretty much perfection. We had to stay an extra day since I did not get a full course of penicillin for the GBS but everything checked out fine she had a mild case of jaunidice but did not need any light treatment thank goodness.

Skin to Skin time

We left on Thursday to go home and then the real fun began!


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sarah's Nursery

Hello Dearies! Well I promised the nursery and I am actually delivering. This nursery was something that lived in my mind for years before I even met P. Thankfully he went along! I love the Disney Peter Pan. I even have a tinkerbell tattoo on my shoulder so I knew I wanted to do a peter pan themed nursery with murals on the walls. I knew I wanted it to start in london with a night skyline and big ben clock and go around to a daytime neverland with all the characters. Well I will let the pictures show how it came out.....

As you can see the gang is all there. I also made the bedding. P refinished the dresser that was mine as a kid that I got from my grampa. 

The Tick Tick in the crib has a funny story. My Grampa had gotten me one years ago and my ex destroyed it just to be a jerk. I knew I wanted one for my future nursery for years. My mom knew this and we both kept an eye out for one. Last year I found one on Ebay and told my mom. I told her she should get it for me and she said it was too much for a used stuffed animal and we did not know if it was clean etc etc. Well it sold during this conversation back and forth via chat and I went to looking for one again. Little did I know my mom bought it. She told everyone at work about it and had it shipped to her office. Went it came in everyone wanted to see it as they hear the story. When she opened the box it was not Tick Tock but Homer Simpson face! The seller in Louisiana mixed up the boxes. Tick Tock was sent to a couple in California that was going to a Halloween party in Canada and the wife had just thrown the box in the back of her SUV and drove up to Canada! So needless to say this crock is well traveled!

I love the nursery and think Ms. Sarah is liking it too. Next I will start the birth story which is very interesting!

Later!         Photobucket

Friday, May 18, 2012

My Pregnancy

Hello Again! So I promised some up dates and so lets start at the beginning shall we

In late May early June last year I did a cycle of just Clomid and really quick we realized that it alone would not be effective in getting me pregnant in a timely manner. The fact of being 31 yrs old the RE wanted to be more aggressive. I was all for it as I wanted a baby and my "failed" due date was fast approaching and I had a very heavy heart over this.

Once I got a cycle again in June we begin a Clomid/Ovidrel/IUI cycle. Basically I took meds everyday and when my folicales were ready I gave myself a shot and 2 days later was in the doctor office to try to "impregnant" me. That day was July 6th. I then had to wait 14 days before going back for bloodwork to confirm whether it worked or did not work.

  Well lets just say I was impatient and I was testing every day. The reason they want you to wait so long is the shot can cause false positives if it is still in your system. Well I just tested every day and I knew when the shot was out of my system.

On July 19th I got this

We are having a baby!!!

So now to wait for bloodwork. Which came back high and doubled correctly in the 48 hr period!!!

Now because of my past I did not want to tell anyone. We waited till I was 12-14 weeks to tell anyone. At this point my mom was very suspicious cause she knew we were doing fertility treatment. I tried blowing her off telling her that each cycle was a bust that the cysts were too large or my hormones were not right. Which was not far off, the RE nearly cancelled the cycle we conceived on because of that. I had a choice if I wanted to sit the cycle out and go on BC to try to shrink the cyst or do blood work and depending on my levels of estrogen either go ahead or if it was too high still sit it out and got on BC. So glad I chose bloodwork!

This was very hard not sharing with anyone. We ordered wedding albums that I had promised everyone for 2 years and the last page had an ultrasound picture with our due date. Our happy ever after if you will. 

We gave those to our parents in late Sept early October. Like I said we waited forever to tell family and longer for me to tell work. 

Frist trimester was spent with weekly appointments and ultrasounds since I was high risk. We love getting to see our little love grow. 

I was not really sick until Week 13-17 and zofran became my best friend. 

At 18 weeks we had our anatomy scan and found out we were having a GIRL!!!! We did a fun gender revel party that evening with church friends with a cake with strawberry filling. 

In November I felt like I finally "popped" I was no longer just fat looking but pregnant 

November 12 / 22weeks 4 days

December I grew some more

December 7 / 26 weeks

January came and because of some issues at work I was over worked and my doctor put me on restricted travel because I was thinning out which is great but not what they want to see at 30-32 weeks in a first time mom. 

In Feb we began showering this little angel with showers.

Feb 1 / 32 weeks and we were told she has head full of hair

The first shower was in Houston at my best friend house. I don't have those pictures handy. The next Shower was at my house here in NB given by my Mom, sister and Neighbor Brittany.

It was a great shower with not near enough pictures taken.

The next day I was hurting and thought this baby is going to come today!! 
March 4th / 35 weeks 4 days pregnant

Well little miss stayed put but it did not get much easier. At 37 weeks I started having issues with my blood pressure. I spent a Sunday afternoon in L&D after getting headaches and seeing spots ( after blaming work and old contacts for those side effects) and was told no more work that I needed to be on bedrest as we could control it with me laying down but even sitting up it shot up. 

At my 38 week appointment after doing a 24 hr collection we ruled out pre-eclampsia for the time being but my BP was no better so we decided to let Sarah cook another week and induce me at 39 weeks. I still had to go in for non stress test between and check for protein. But my instructions were to check into the hospital Monday March 19th at 8pm to begin the induction process. That hopefully some time Tuesday March 20th Sarah would be born!!! I will save that story for another day Next up I will share the nursery that was in the planning for 5 years.

Later all!


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Its been along time, been along time...

Hello out there to whoever is still around and with me! So I know I left you last with a heavy post and then fell off the edge of the world. Sorry. But life got in the way. Since June of last year there have been some major changes. Lets start in July and work our way to today shall we? Grab a drink and stay awhile this is going to be a long one.

 July 4th - P and I celebrated or 2nd anniversary of wedded bliss. We maybe not all that bliss but we had a yummy dinner at the Melting Pot.

 July 6th- I had a medical procedure but more on that later.

 July 29th- Was my 31st birthday and P got me a new coach purse. He refuses to ask me what I want now living 5 miles from the Outlets after this.

 August - Worked alot and Submitted my paperwork and hours to take the state boards to become a licensed hearing instrument specialist.

 September - took state boards

 October - got told I passed the boards!! Worked like crazy

 November- had a quiet thanksgiving with just P and his parents

 December- worked way more than I cared to and had a great Xmas with my family

 January- Traveled and worked way more than I really wanted to

 Feb- Saw family and friends for parties in Houston and NB

 March- Oh not much other than..................................
I HAD A BABY!!!!!!! Sarah Bethany to be specific. She came March 20th at 4:13 am Weighting 7lbs 15 oz and 19 inches long.

She is perfect!!!

Yes that little medical procedure in July was fertility treatment called an IUI and it worked!!! Praise the lord!! I spent early weeks scared to share ( mainly because my mother reads this and was waiting for me to out myself) then the exhaustion kicked in and well I am a ball of excuses.

But I have several post I want to share here very soon to catch you all up on everything Sarah.

Talk to you soon!