Friday, May 18, 2012

My Pregnancy

Hello Again! So I promised some up dates and so lets start at the beginning shall we

In late May early June last year I did a cycle of just Clomid and really quick we realized that it alone would not be effective in getting me pregnant in a timely manner. The fact of being 31 yrs old the RE wanted to be more aggressive. I was all for it as I wanted a baby and my "failed" due date was fast approaching and I had a very heavy heart over this.

Once I got a cycle again in June we begin a Clomid/Ovidrel/IUI cycle. Basically I took meds everyday and when my folicales were ready I gave myself a shot and 2 days later was in the doctor office to try to "impregnant" me. That day was July 6th. I then had to wait 14 days before going back for bloodwork to confirm whether it worked or did not work.

  Well lets just say I was impatient and I was testing every day. The reason they want you to wait so long is the shot can cause false positives if it is still in your system. Well I just tested every day and I knew when the shot was out of my system.

On July 19th I got this

We are having a baby!!!

So now to wait for bloodwork. Which came back high and doubled correctly in the 48 hr period!!!

Now because of my past I did not want to tell anyone. We waited till I was 12-14 weeks to tell anyone. At this point my mom was very suspicious cause she knew we were doing fertility treatment. I tried blowing her off telling her that each cycle was a bust that the cysts were too large or my hormones were not right. Which was not far off, the RE nearly cancelled the cycle we conceived on because of that. I had a choice if I wanted to sit the cycle out and go on BC to try to shrink the cyst or do blood work and depending on my levels of estrogen either go ahead or if it was too high still sit it out and got on BC. So glad I chose bloodwork!

This was very hard not sharing with anyone. We ordered wedding albums that I had promised everyone for 2 years and the last page had an ultrasound picture with our due date. Our happy ever after if you will. 

We gave those to our parents in late Sept early October. Like I said we waited forever to tell family and longer for me to tell work. 

Frist trimester was spent with weekly appointments and ultrasounds since I was high risk. We love getting to see our little love grow. 

I was not really sick until Week 13-17 and zofran became my best friend. 

At 18 weeks we had our anatomy scan and found out we were having a GIRL!!!! We did a fun gender revel party that evening with church friends with a cake with strawberry filling. 

In November I felt like I finally "popped" I was no longer just fat looking but pregnant 

November 12 / 22weeks 4 days

December I grew some more

December 7 / 26 weeks

January came and because of some issues at work I was over worked and my doctor put me on restricted travel because I was thinning out which is great but not what they want to see at 30-32 weeks in a first time mom. 

In Feb we began showering this little angel with showers.

Feb 1 / 32 weeks and we were told she has head full of hair

The first shower was in Houston at my best friend house. I don't have those pictures handy. The next Shower was at my house here in NB given by my Mom, sister and Neighbor Brittany.

It was a great shower with not near enough pictures taken.

The next day I was hurting and thought this baby is going to come today!! 
March 4th / 35 weeks 4 days pregnant

Well little miss stayed put but it did not get much easier. At 37 weeks I started having issues with my blood pressure. I spent a Sunday afternoon in L&D after getting headaches and seeing spots ( after blaming work and old contacts for those side effects) and was told no more work that I needed to be on bedrest as we could control it with me laying down but even sitting up it shot up. 

At my 38 week appointment after doing a 24 hr collection we ruled out pre-eclampsia for the time being but my BP was no better so we decided to let Sarah cook another week and induce me at 39 weeks. I still had to go in for non stress test between and check for protein. But my instructions were to check into the hospital Monday March 19th at 8pm to begin the induction process. That hopefully some time Tuesday March 20th Sarah would be born!!! I will save that story for another day Next up I will share the nursery that was in the planning for 5 years.

Later all!


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