Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sarah's Nursery

Hello Dearies! Well I promised the nursery and I am actually delivering. This nursery was something that lived in my mind for years before I even met P. Thankfully he went along! I love the Disney Peter Pan. I even have a tinkerbell tattoo on my shoulder so I knew I wanted to do a peter pan themed nursery with murals on the walls. I knew I wanted it to start in london with a night skyline and big ben clock and go around to a daytime neverland with all the characters. Well I will let the pictures show how it came out.....

As you can see the gang is all there. I also made the bedding. P refinished the dresser that was mine as a kid that I got from my grampa. 

The Tick Tick in the crib has a funny story. My Grampa had gotten me one years ago and my ex destroyed it just to be a jerk. I knew I wanted one for my future nursery for years. My mom knew this and we both kept an eye out for one. Last year I found one on Ebay and told my mom. I told her she should get it for me and she said it was too much for a used stuffed animal and we did not know if it was clean etc etc. Well it sold during this conversation back and forth via chat and I went to looking for one again. Little did I know my mom bought it. She told everyone at work about it and had it shipped to her office. Went it came in everyone wanted to see it as they hear the story. When she opened the box it was not Tick Tock but Homer Simpson face! The seller in Louisiana mixed up the boxes. Tick Tock was sent to a couple in California that was going to a Halloween party in Canada and the wife had just thrown the box in the back of her SUV and drove up to Canada! So needless to say this crock is well traveled!

I love the nursery and think Ms. Sarah is liking it too. Next I will start the birth story which is very interesting!

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