Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sarah one month

Sarah turned one month on April 20th. That same day she had her first play day with all boys.

At one month she was wearing 0-3 Month clothes, eating every 3 hours, you finally made it to church for the first time, you love your swing and sleep in to for all your naps. Night time you are still in our room either in the pack and play or in the middle of the night I bring you to bed with me to nurse.

We just adore you and you look just like your Daddy everyone says. I don't remember what we did with our time before you were here.

I love this time with you as we spent our days together just you and me. Now there was sinew days I was ready to pull my hair out but all in all you are a great baby that a long add we do things your way you are happy.I love you Sarah Bethany with all my heart!

What we have been up too

My goodness time flies with a little one. I will let this be a photo dump cause other than grammie I'm not sure who all is still out there reading