Saturday, March 20, 2010

Weighing In

So since hubs and I have been married and just before we have gained some weight. What can I say we love to eat! It started as too much ice cream (what can I say the hubs works for Blue Bell) to eating out to much, to stress eating thru moving, etc. Yeah I have some excuses.

So now is time to get it off! But I am not sure what I want to do. I know eat right and exercise, but I have never been a big exerciser. What is your favorite form of exercise? I am uncoordinated and will duck at any balls coming at me, and I never learned how to work any machine in a gym but the treadmill. Plus I get so bored in the gym. Anyone know any good videos?

I also am thinking of joined weight watchers. I know several people that have had great success with it and it is nice to have someone to hold you accountable. Cause lets be honest the hubs is not a good person cause I can talk him into anything! Before he meet me he was in the gym 3 days a week and had lost 25 pounds. Since we have been together he has gained 50!!! I am a baaaaadddd influence!

So what to do? I plan to start something starting monday even if it is salads, grilled chicken and hard boiled eggs.

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  1. I have done Weight Watchers several times and actually doing it right now. It works don't ask me how but it does and you don't have to exercise. My group leader says you will probably lose more if you do exercise but I'm not one of those persons.
    And I agree with someone holding me accountable, doing WW online did not work for me I had to weigh in in front of someone and if you gained they whisper it instead of being excited when you lost.
    Good Luck!