Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 1-3

Day 1- Favorite Song

We love Texas country Music and Wade Bowen is someone I have followed for years and the hubbs love him to. This was our wedding song. I remember on a road trip early in dating, I was playing this song and hubs asked me to repeat it and he decided it was our song that he felt exactly like the song. So here is an acoustic version. The man sitting to his left on the screen is Kevin Fowler who also has some great music. I don't always like traditional country music now but there is very few songs in Texas Country/Red Dirt music I dislike.

Day 2- Favorite movie

I like so many movies but hands down everytime all time favorite

Steel Magnolias! I know every line every quote. I only wish I could have had Julia Roberts hair on my wedding day.

Day 3- Favorite TV Show

I know this is a cheesy show but I grew up with it and I still like it so sue me ;)

Plus they are saying it will be back this fall, but only this fall.....

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