Monday, August 23, 2010

Day 6

20 of my favorite things

1.My hubs- he can make me laugh and knows when you let me stew.

2. Christmas- I am ready to decorate now!

3. Our new house. I have so much room to decorate

4. Getting a manicure and pedicure

5. Friends- I love my girls even if I do not see them as much since I moved.

6. Our Town- I have wanted to live in New Braunfels for a long time and did not thing I would till I retired.

7. Going to see bands play. I am much more a local venue than going to a stadium with 100,000+ people.

8.Mexican food, and there must be both red and green sauce for me.

9. Cooking- I love to cook and Hubs loves to eat so we work well together!

10. Reading

11. Fresh cut grass smell

12. New baby smell, Both my best friends had babies in the last month and this weekend I get to see both of them!

13. Sunshine,thou I can live without the 100+ weather we have had the last several weeks

14. Facebook AKA my crack, I am obsessed

15. Tropical vacations- we did a cruise to the Bahamas, virgin islands and st. marteen for our honeymoon and I hope we decide to do the one in January we are talking about.

16. Our kitty, Tiggy, she cracks me up in being so vocal to talk to us.

17. My mustang, I had always wanted a convertible and I finally got one a couple years ago.

18. My netbook, hubs wanted to buy me a full side laptop for xmas last year and I really wanted a small one. This is perfect.

19. Wine

20. Sweet tea

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