Thursday, August 19, 2010

Whoa Momma

So alot has happened since I last post. We were staying with my in-laws for 6 weeks while our house was being built because I did to good of a job subletting our apartment in Austin and we had to move within 28 hours from me putting it up for lease. Now out in the country where my in-laws live there is no Wi-fi, so we had limited internet.

But on July 29th I turned 30 and was in a bit of a funk. We were living in my husbands childhood room and I worked and just nothing was in place that I thought should be at 30.

Our closing on our house got pushed back 3 weeks. But after all was said and done we closed and got all moved in. And here is a few pictures from the day before we closed.

Welcome home

Our breakfast

We changed out the fridge for a big stainless one

Love all the cabinets

This is the front bedroom

I have many more but we are in the process of painting, changing all the light fixtures and plumbing and knobs so I will do some before and afters. We love it and have so much room but we have not idea how we have filled 4 bedrooms after living in one bedroom apartments for the last several years.

So that is the Reader's Digest of the last almost 2 months. I have some plans to be a better blogger I promise!

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