Friday, September 3, 2010

Day 18

Your Wedding

So both me and Hubs have been married before and we are not the big fancy shin-dig kinda people. Before we got engaged (thou hub had the ring) I dreamed we got married on the Fourth Of July. So it was done, if I dreamed it it was for a reason so that is when we were to get married.

I had a built in color scheme and food was simple to plan- BBQ. I wanted to get married somewhere that I could enjoy it and have those that are closest to us involved. Well thou it was a very chaotic weekend we rented a house on the river and decorated it and had a weekend celebration.

My dad draggin me down the stairs cause my heel got stuck!

Fourth of July in Texas- Hubs was sweatin bullets ;)

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  1. I got married on July 5 so it isn't exactly Independence Day but we always get fireworks!