Thursday, September 2, 2010

I suck

So I planned to do my day 11- a recent picture of yourself, With one of the new babes my besties have had when we visited this weekend. But I failed at taking pictures or remembering to post so here is day 11-16...

Day 11 a photo of you recently

At my besties baby shower trying to rub some baby magic out. ( I Heard it worked for the other girl that did ;)

Day 12 -Something you are OCD about-
Planning and decorating. If I have a plan I may not be able to verbalize what it is that I want put I have a picture in my mind of what will happen so don't try to change my mind. I know some people are trying to help with suggestions but really I don't want them when I am in "that mode".

Day 13-A fictional Book
I just went and got me a library card for our library here in New Braunfels. I have to say I have not been to a public library in quite some time but our library is NICE. I just got done reading The Potluck Club by Linda Shepherd and Eva Everson.

Cute book that is a series that plan to check out more of.

Day 14-A nonfiction Book
The Bible. I am excited that we are finally getting settled into our house and will begin looking for a church home to "grow up" in with our family.

Day 15- Your Dream House
I do have to say I got very lucky in getting to plan a lot in the building in our house. Thou who would not want a mansion. I love houses that have big porches and large kitchens.

Theses are some inspiration pictures I want to do in our house-

Like the dark wood and the light bedding and walls for the master

This is my nursery inspiration, I will have a Peter Pan mural on the walls

Day 16- A song that makes you cry
Ok this one I cry every single time I hear it. It reminds me of my relationship with my father. It is not that he is not loving it is just that he is very reserve with his feelings. I remember when my grandfather died and there was someone that knew his when he was younger and knew what his position in the military was and my mom was studded that what she knew was not the truth My dad had known for years and just never said anything. My Granddad was the same way that we almost learned more about him in death than in life. I hate it but that is the way it has gone. So this Reba McEntire song "speaks" to me about my dad and I tear up everytime I hear it cause I think of our relationship.

I will have Day 17 up later which I am excited about because we recently purchased it ;)

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