Monday, March 8, 2010

Job Blues

So part of the big move was the stress over jobs. Hubs got a transfered (FINALLY) but I was not so lucky. Since I when back to school last year I was bartending and had a very sweet schedule of Mon-weds day bar. So I was home by 8 pm. I was S.P.O.I.L.E.D. I knew this then, since I have bartended off and on over the years, and worked many late nights for the money I made.

When we planned to move here I was very amibious about my field. I have a history in Real estate, am a Notary Republic, and just went to school and got my paralegal certification. I knew the pay in Houston and felt I could get something similar in Austin.In the capital of Texas finding a job in the legal field should be no problem right? Wrong. There is also a law school here that students will do "paralegal" work for nothing. As an internship for free or pennies. Great.

Well the real estate side kicked in. Surely I am qualified to work at a title company since I know contracts, and have worked with them for some years and am a Notary so I can handle closing. The problem is the economy we are in the title companies are running at bare bones and the one company I was calling into and did all the interviewing process has to wait 90 days before they hire anyone.

So ok I can bartend. Not my first choice but will pay the bills and hopefully meet new people. Well after looking at 1 million (ok alot of places) I settled on waiting tables. Thou it is at a restaurant we like and is alway busy....I HATE it. I do not use hate lightly and rarely hate anything but this I do. The hours are so long, it is alot less that what I made bartending, and I am older and is several ways more mature than the people I work with. It is not my goal to work to sit up there drinking Plus I never see the hubs. I get Weds. off to be with him but we are both so exhausted that we are whiny and semi mean to one and other. I don't like it at all.

I have resorted to applying to very low paying jobs that I am over qualified for just cause that would be more money than I am making and I could be on a better schedule with the hubs. All I know is something has to change cause at this rate I am going to go crazy and drag my hubs with me.

Any suggestions?

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