Monday, March 8, 2010

Tuesdays List

Jessica and love from Texs does a tuesday list and I decided to play today.

My Wish List:

A new Coach purse- I have a 30th Bday coming up....

I picked out my engagement ring and thou I like it I picked it out way to fast and regretted it. I got it and immediatly was trying to figure out how to tell hubs the ring I picked out was wrong. Fast forward a year and having to go to the jeweler several time to get the rings cleaned and checked out and I have showed hubs this one I lurve. Everytime we walk in. I did plenty of research this time. I should never have had him buy something that big without looking before and making sure. I do more research for shoes than I did on my ring. Sigh.

The biggest thing I have on my wish list thou is....
See full size image

Yes a new job. That would make asking for all the things on my wish list so much easier!

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  1. Great list! Hope you have a wonderful week.