Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Clearing the Air

Apparently I need to vent every so often out loud! After this weeks post, I got a call back on the phone interview for a second interview onsite, Very excited over this. I may get to transfer within my current company and should find something out tomorrow. I sold our dining room table and chairs on craigslist, and have someone coming by tomorrow to look at our apartment to sublet.

Only hiccup would be if he really does want to move in Friday-Saturday would be me having to take off work the next 2 days to make it happen since Hubs is up to his ears in ice cream. Plus with him really being the breadwinner in the household it would be so dumb for him to take off. So my check list could end up looking like this tomorrow and Friday:

Show apartment
Have people fill out app & turn into office
Find a storage unit close to new house
Call movers for Friday
Call housekeeper for Friday
Pack everything
Go to interview Friday morning
Switch car and truck with Hubs
Meet movers
Move everything to storage
Move stuff for a month to stay with inlaws
Meet housekeeper
Meet renter to give over keys

Yeesh. I am tired already! But please pray that it works out this way cause we will save SOOO much money if we can get out of the apartment now.

Oh and pray that I can sell our couch on craigslist tomorrow too!

Big changes here people!

But moving to happy! =)

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