Monday, June 14, 2010


Happy is some thing that I should be with all the good things happening to us right now.

We are a month from our house being done and it is so exciting to see all the selections we have made taking effect.

I got to see all my girls this past weekend as one of the besties baby shower.

We got to float the river and will be doing it alot this summer.

But all this going on and I am not happy cause of work. I took a job back in March and it has turned into a nightmare. The pay is nothing like what we discussed, IE peanuts! I like the company just not my department. I have talked to higher up about a transfer and hopefully will hear if I am granted it.

If not I will continue the job hunt. I did have a phone interview for a job that is back in my old industry for a national company. It would be closer to home and more money. Hopefully I will hear if I can got in for a face to face interview.

I am just tired of job hunting and a not finding anything or settling like I have and then being miserable.

Ok enough of a rant I just wanted to say hi and sorry for the rant but this is why I have be in hiding.

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