Friday, November 19, 2010


My goodness I have once again been a bad blogger. But that is about to change cause it is getting to my favorite season and Hubs and I have done WAY too many projects and crafts for our first x-mas in our new house to not blog and share everything with you. I have been playing a game on facebook book with my statuses of things I may or may not have been doing to get ready for Christmas_

I May or May Not have:

Already decorated 3 of the 5 trees I am putting up in our house

Planned every meal's menu for the time my family will be in town for Christmas

Purchased a mannequin leg off ebay to use in my Decorations

Painted 21 yard cut out

Spent 3 hours purchasing lights to Griswald-ize our house

Plan to have all decorations up and done this weekend.

So needless to say I will have to share some pictures of all this. Now for the Ketchup part of the post. We have been so busy since my last post. Hubs dear friend got married at Inks Lake at the Circle H Lodge and it was Gorgeous! I did not take many pics but here is few:


Then the next weekend I hosted my sister Wedding shower at my Aunt and Uncles house outside of Houston. It was an Alice and wonderland themed tea party. Everything was sooo cute!


Then we had National Night out with our neighbors and stayed up way to late on a school night.

Next up was The Halloween Block party. Again up way too late!

Finally my sister wedding in Galveston and let me tell you that was a LOOONG weekend even if we were home on Saturday. Here are a couple pictures from it that I have gotten back from the photographer AKA one of my besties Pretty Girl Photography .


Let me tell you it is hard to be the wedding planner, venue decorator, cake decorator, groom cake fixer, bridal party hairstylist and makeup artist and bridesmaid all in one day!

I will be back with my post and review of for X-mas cards which I am sure you have seen 500 times in the blog world this year but hey for 50 free cards I am game!

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  1. My Christmas decorations are almost all up! We just have the trees to do!